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RogoCoder™ - Kids Can Code

Discover Computer Programming
It's not difficult, and you'll be surprised!
What great fun it is to code!
Let's give it a GO!

RogoCoder&trade - Coding Game for ChildrenRogoCoder™ is an exciting new adventure in the world of kids coding games. Unlike many traditional coding games, RogoCoder™ is a real-time coding game where children can see how their code instantly affects their character. Throughout 50+ levels, the player will have to strategically plan their code collect items, and reach the goal. Rogo's Story: Rogo wakes up alone in the lab, everything is a mess, and he can't remember anything. He looks around for the professor, hoping he would have the answers, but he is nowhere to be found! What happened? Rogo along with his trusty sidekick birdie must piece together his memories, find out who did this, and save the professor! Players will use loops, if statements, switch statements, and more to help guide the Rogo's through levels to solve the mystery and save the professor. Players will learn: Sequences, If Statements, Loops, Functions, Trial and Error, Problem Solving Skills, Communication Skills.

20+ Achievements 

Robots love achievements! There are over twenty achievements to collect in RogoCoder™. Will you collect them all? 


Memory Chips 

Rogo lost his memory! Find his memory chips along the way to help solve the mystery. 
All clips can be replayed in the Evergreen Theater. 


Unlock Items 

Playthrough levels and collect coins to unlock new characters.


50+ Levels!

With over fifty levels to explore, learning to code has never been so fun!


Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada