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Ecocarrier for SocialEdification™,
a new category defined and championed by Ecocarrier.

It is purpose-designed for

    1. Raising the digital consciousness of general population.
    2. Contributing to meeting the UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals).
    3. Building kinder, more equitable, more enlightened society.

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Ecocarrier for Social Edification™ projects address severally various
UN SDGs or goals:

W5Go™ apps and games address Quality Education, Gender Equality, Peace
Justice and Strong Institutions.

PPIXXELLS™ addresses Quality Education, Good Health & Well Being, Gender Equality.

MRESENCE™ in its application in TeleMedicine and Collaboration operation in Mixed Reality greatly reduces the need of travel (air as well as over-land) and thus significantly reduce the burning of hydrocarbon and thereby reduces the production of Carbon Dioxide that contributes to climate change and the production of Carbonic Acid that goes into the seas and oceans and causes the pH level of the water in them to fall below 7 and the resultant acidic condition that kills the corals and creatures in the sea and ocean.

The Social Edification™ projects are being propagated through a network of strategic partners as master resellers, distributors in countries worldwide. This mode of business organization addresses the UN SDG "Partnerships for the goals". It is crowdsourcing for distribution and propagation in a sharing economy.


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